Cozzia Qi XE vs Ogawa Master Drive AI Comparison
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Cozzia Qi XE vs Ogawa Master Drive AI Comparison

Which chair is the best in our Cozzia Qi XE vs Ogawa Master Drive AI Comparison?

The Cozzia Qi XE and the Ogawa Master Drive AI are 2 of the top massage chairs currently on the market, but how do they match up?


Let's first start with the design and how they look. In the Cozzia QI XE vs. Ogawa Master Drive AI comparison, we found both are made in the same factory and built in the same shell. They even have the exact dimensions. The materials used are even the same, a lovely soft like-leather material that looks and feels very high-end. In my opinion, it is the best feeling material used on any massage chair, and it is very durable.

With the Ogawa, you can choice between Blue and Sand, Burgundy and Black, and Graphite and Espresso colors. With the Cozzia, you have Emerald Green and Cappuccino, Triple Black, and Triple Grey. You have plenty of color choices that would look great in any room or office.

One the seating area, The Cozzia Qi XE, features a diamond stitch pattern that you would see in high-end cars like Bentleys. On the other hand, the Master Drive AI looks more like a high-end sports car like a Ferrari or Maclaren, so it comes down to personal preference on looks. I am more of a sports guy myself.

The Head Padding is slightly different, with the QI XE having a thicker head pad than the Master Drive, and both featured two pads that can be easily flipped back.

Design Comparison


In my Cozzia Qi XE vs. Master Drive AI comparison, both utilize the same SL-Track technology. The 54" roller starts at the base of the head and travels down your back and underneath your glutes. This style track allows for a more extensive massage coverage and better massage in the glutes.

4D Vario Motion Massage

The massage is the essential part of the Cozzia QI XE vs. Ogawa Master Drive AI comparison. That is why you are interested in getting a massage chair, right? Both utilize the exact massage mechanism, the 4D Vario Motion massage roller. The massage is SUPER smooth and is arguably one of the best on the market.

A standard quad style roller has two rollers on the top and two on the bottom, and they work dependently with each other. What is unique about the Vario Motion roller is the top and bottom also rotate in and out and work independently. That means to 2 top rollers could be kneading while the bottom two are rolling down your spine. Or it can rotate with only the top massaging or turn to where only the bottom is. It makes the massage stand out above the rest on the market.

With the 4D technology, you get the adjustment on depth, but you also get the roller's varying motion, and it feels more humanistic and less robotic.

Body Scanning

A great massage cannot work without excellent body scanning. Both the Qi XE and Master Drive feature a multiple-sensor body scan. Most massage chairs only detect your shoulders. Both the Cozzia and Ogawa detect multiple acupoints across your back and at a fraction of the time compared to other high-end chairs. I have found the body scan spot on, and I never had to rescan.


The Qi XE features 22 Automatic Programs with three custom while the Master Drive features 26 programs and three custom programs. I like having the custom programs as I set up specific programs based on recovery after workouts, such as leg or back day.

There are automatic programs for every need, from full body to region-specific. What is also unique about the Master Drive is the ability to set up to 8 favorite programs as shortcuts.

Biometric Scanning

A feature only found with the Ogawa Master Drive AI is the Chair Doctor. The Chair Doctor is a customized program using your personal biometric data. The scanner uses PPG technology to read your heart rate and stress levels, GSR control sensors for biofeedback to sense your emotional state, and oxygen levels. Once the Chair Doctor has gone through its sensors, it "prescribes" a custom message for you based on your current needs. You would think this might be a gimmick, but it really works well.

Ogawa Master Drive AI Biometric Scanning

Motors and Processors

Both massage chairs feature the same Brushless Motors and the M.5 Gen Microprocessors. The brushless motors require fewer moving parts, generate less heat, and have higher durability. This means the motors will last longer than most massage chairs on the market today. In addition, the Processors are the fastest currently used on massage chairs in the industry. This is one of the reasons the massage is so smooth, and changing functions during the massage is quick.

Compression Massage

In the Cozzia Qi XE vs. Ogawa Master Drive AI comparison, both chairs offer the same air compression massage with 60+ airbags. Airbags are located at the shoulders, arm and hands, waist, lumbar, seat, calves, and feet. The air compressor features patented technology to make it very quiet and not affect your massage. There are also tons of sensors built-in to ensure one of the best quality compression massages available today.

The Ottoman

The Cozzia Qi XE and the Ogawa Master Drive AI use the same ottoman with the same features, but let's run through them anyway. Tri-Action Foot and Sole Roller Massage are located on the bottom for an incredible foot massage paired with airbags to help lock your feet in place. Moving up into the calf are airbags that offer a nice compression massage that can move up to massage knees with heat therapy.

A handy feature on the ottoman is the automatic extension. Once a program starts, the chair will recline, the ottoman will extend out, and then retract back. Once the ottoman feels pressure from your feet, it will automatically stop. Of course, you can still fine tune it if needed with the quick controls or the touchscreen remote control.


The Cozzia QI XE features a 7" built-in touchscreen remote that only allows you the control the massage chair. The Ogawa Master Drive AI features a full-size Samsung 10.1" tablet that uses an APP to connect to the massage chair. With an Android Tablet, you have all of the regular features of a tablet.

Tablet Comparison

Both feature voice control with Amazon Alexa and both chairs feature the same quick controls. The sidearm quick controls give you control of the depth of the rollers, a few programs, heat therapy, calve adjustment, ottoman and knee-length, and adjust the recline angle.

More Features

  • Zero Gravity Recline
  • Lumbar and Knee Heat
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Chromotherapy with 7 Mode Lighting


We still have to pick a winner for the Cozzia Qi XE vs. Ogawa Master Drive AI comparison, so which one is it? Both chairs are absolutely incredible and also very similar, and you could not go wrong with either one. But, the Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair gives you more features such as the: Chair Doctor with Biometric scanning, a full-size Samsung 10.1" tablet,  a few more programs, and even set you favorite programs. 

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