Cozzia Qi vs. Inada Dreamwave Comparison
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Cozzia Qi vs. Inada Dreamwave Comparison

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Which top-of-the-line, Japanese-engineered shiatsu massage chair will boost your energy, calm your mind, and fulfill your dreams?

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

Japanese-engineered massage chairs are well-respected and renowned in the industry for their state-of-the-art technology and high-quality components. If you have close to $10,000 to spend on a massage chair, you deserve the best-of-the-best.

Two contenders in the race for best luxury massage chair are the Cozzia QI and the Inada Dreamwave. The shiatsu massage chairs share several similarities, including s-track technology for a more comfortable massage, Japanese-engineered quad rollers, and body scan technology so every massage experience is customized to your body.

Each chair also has a few characteristics you will not find in most other massage chairs.

In the Cozzia Qi, it is the Chair Doctor technology, which pinpoints problem areas on your body to deliver an optimal massage. The Cozzia Qi also boasts iPad control and comes with an iPad mini as a controller.

The Inada Dreamwave features an air compression massage for the neck, using a head collar that wraps around your head and neck to deliver relaxing waves of pressure for a massage unlike any other we have ever felt.

The Cozzia Qi came out ahead in a massage chair comparison against the Cozzia Qi SE, a lower cost option for those looking for a high-quality luxury massage chair in the $5,000 to $6,000 price range.

But how does the Cozzia Qi fare against the top-of-the-line Inada Dreamwave? Both chairs cost just under $10,000 and are packed with features you will not find in less expensive models.

A massage chair is a big investment, and you will want to do your research before making a purchase. Read our Cozzia Qi vs. Inada Dreamwave massage chair comparison before you make your choice.

INADA DREAMWAVE: Shiatsu Massage with Japan Engineered Rollers

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair

The Inada Dreamwave lives up to its name with patented technology that rocks you as it massages. The chair moves in an undulating figure-eight motion (the same way some experts recommend rocking an infant) to balance the body for utter relaxation.

The body scan technology detects shiatsu pressure points to deliver just the right pressure on just the right areas of your body every time for a completely customized massage. The quad roller heads actually move in and out on the patented S-track using airbag technology, a system you will not find in other similarly priced massage chairs from other manufacturers, including the Cozzia line. This takes 3D massage to a whole new level and feels more human-like than most other massage chairs on the market right now.

It is worth noting that the Inada Sogno provides many of the same features as the best-in-class Dreamwave, without the 3D massage function, to provide a high-quality chair at a lower price.

COZZIA QI: Best in class 4D Massage with patented Chair Doctor Technology

The Cozzia Qi was hailed as the most advanced 3D s-track massage chair when it was released in 2017, and things have not changed. The quad rollers on the s-track move up, down, in, and out via robotic actuators.

What makes the chair 4D? You can also adjust the rollers to move at different speeds for a massage that feels more like it is being delivered by human hands.

Not only does the Cozzia Qi use body scan technology to customize your massage experience, but it includes a proprietary Chair Doctor application that uses biometric feedback to detect tension levels in your back and deliver a massage in the areas you need it most. The chair doctor even tracks your progress over time to see if the massage is helping to alleviate pain and muscle tension in those problem areas.

Whether you want a deep shiatsu massage or a more gentle experience, the Cozzia Qi delivers one of the best massages we have ever experienced.

Cozzia Qi vs. Inada Dreamwave Comparison

The Cozzia Qi and Inada Dreamwave are two of the most advanced massage chairs on the market. Which one you like best may depend on which features appeal to you the most. Let us take you through the ultimate massage chair comparison: the Cozzia Qi vs. Inada Dreamwave.

Roller Technology

Both the Cozzia Qi and Inada Dreamwave use state-of-the-art, Japanese-engineered roller technology. And trust us, Japanese roller technology is the best you will find. The Cozzia Qi, being a newer chair, boasts the latest technology for the deepest massage available.

Both use quad heads that mimic the feel of human fingers. The Dreamwave uses airbags to lead the rollers in and out for the 3D experience, while the Qis rollers move via robotic actuators along the s-track. The Qis rollers extend a full 5 inches past the s-track, more than any other massage chair on the market today. In addition, the rollers pivot to use two or four heads, depending on the massage settings.

With all these added features, Cozzia calls its patented technology 4D. Not only do the rollers extend farther and pivot from four heads to two, but you can also control the speed of the rollers, a feature you will not find on any other massage chair at any price.

Roller Technology: Which Chair Wins?

The Cozzia Qi roller technology is, hands-down, the best on the market. If you are seeking the deepest and most relaxing massage, you have to give the Cozzia Qi a try. Unlike many other luxury massage chairs, the rollers on the Qi maneuver around your shoulder blades for a more comfortable experience.

Track Design

Hand-in-hand with 3D and 4D roller technology, the S-track also contributes to a more comfortable and customized massage. The Inada s-track spans 29 inches down to the tailbone, while the Cozzia Qi extends 32 inches.

Track Design: Which Massage Chair Wins?

Since 32 is greater than 29, (yay for first grade math!) Cozzia Qi has the advantage, delivering a massage that reaches lower on your tailbone.

Body Scan Technology

Unlike many other massage chairs, the Inada Dreamwave has body scan technology that locates shiatsu pressure points across your entire body for an unprecedented, customized massage. The Dreamwave body scan technology was the best on the market when it was first introduced and still offers one of the most comfortable, most customized massages available.

The Cozzia Qi, however, scans your body twice for even greater accuracy. You can also manual adjust the settings if the chair does not get it right, and the chair will remember your changes to deliver the perfect massage next time.

In addition to the double body scan feature, the Cozzia Qi boasts unprecedented Chair Doctor technology. This app, which is accessed via the included iPad Mini controller, detects the areas of your body where you hold tension, which may need a little extra massage work. The Chair Doctor tracks your progress over time, adjusting your massage as needed.

Body Scan Technology: Which Massage Chair Wins?

The Cozzia Qi is a newer chair with the latest technology. It possesses the fastest, most-accurate body scan technology on the market. If that is not enough, the Chair Doctor feature takes customization to the next level, putting the Cozzia Qi above the Inada Dreamwave and any other massage chair when it comes to body scan capabilities.


The Cozzia Qi comes with an iPad Mini for easy, intuitive control and access to its many features. No buttons to mess with, and no cord to worry about. You cannot get much more high-tech than iPad control for a massage chair.

The Inada Dreamwave has a wired remote with an easy-to-read LED display and large, easy-to-access buttons. As far as push button remotes go, it is ergonomic and intuitive.

Controller: Which Massage Chair Wins?

Most people today are comfortable manipulating the touchscreen of a mobile device like an iPad Mini. This puts the Cozzia Qi ahead of the Inada Dreamwave in terms of intuitive control. You can use the provided iPad Mini or download the Cozzia Qi app on your own mobile device to put control at your fingertips.

Massage Program Settings

The Cozzia Qi has an unprecedented 13 automatic massage programs that combine six different massage techniques. You can also fully customize your massage by choosing the desired area and type of massage technique. Within any automatic or customized program, you can further adjust the depth of the 4D roller massage and the intensity of the air compression massage.

The Cozzia Qi has four partial and one complete stretch massage program for recovery after a workout. It is one of the best chairs for stretch massage that we have ever experienced.

The Inada Dreamwave has eight automatic massage programs, including a stretch program. Plus you can choose to run any of the eight massages in a relaxation mode, doubling the capabilities.

Unlike many other chairs on the market, the Dreamwave provides a Youth program, offering low-stimulation massage for teens aged 14 and up. The roller shoulder positions that move to detect shiatsu points extends to cover lower positions, fitting smaller bodies.

Users can also choose a full body air massage for a softer massage experience.

Massage Program Settings: Which Chair Wins?

Both the Cozzia Qi and the Inada Dreamwave provide several ways to customize your massage and many options to automate the experience. The Inada offers more variety in its 13 programs, but the Inada has features you cannot find anywhere else, such as a Youth massage program.

With 6 different massage styles, 4 different stretching programs, and options for everyone from athletes seeking faster recovery to individuals suffering from backpain, the Cozzia Qi provides more choices, coming up slightly ahead for those looking for more massage program settings. The Cozzia Qi has 64 airbags that can be turned on or off individually or customized to different intensity levels..

Air Compression Massage

The Inada Dreamwave, which is known for its air massage technology, has a record number of 100 airbags spanning from your feet to your neck to deliver soothing, rhythmic compressions. Take full advantage of the airbags by choosing the air compression massage setting for a gentle, relaxation experience.

Airbags: Which Massage Chair Wins?

With 100 airbags spanning nearly every part of your body, the Inada Dreamwave comes out ahead in air massage technology when you consider the Cozzia Qi vs. Inada Dreamwave. The number of airbags on the Cozzia Qi happens to be one of its only shortcomings. Although they work well, most massage chairs at this price simply have more airbags.

Heat Therapy

The Cozzia Qi is the only massage chair with heated rollers, elevating the massage w. heat experience to a new level.

Like many other high-end massage chairs, the Dreamwave has warming pads to heat the seat and lumbar area, aiding digesting and pain relief, while helping to improve circulation.

Heat: Which Massage Chair Wins?

With heated rollers, the Cozzia Qi boasts the most advanced technology in any massage chair w. heat.

Added Features

The Inada Dreamwave gentle rocking feature sets it apart. If you are looking for a chair to improve relaxation and help you sleeve, the Inada Dreamwave may offer exactly what you need.

The Dreamwave also has several other features that contribute to a more customized massage experience, including a removable lower back pad and removable shoulder pads that help alter the intensity of the shiatsu massage.

Another thoughtful touch? A smartphone pocket to hold your mobile device.

The Cozzia Qi offers LED chromotherapy, washing the room in your choice of soothing colors. This feature is common on many of new top-of-the-line massage chairs, but not many chairs offer three different colors to choose from.

The Cozzia Qi also includes Bluetooth speakers in the headrest, so you can stream your favorite music from the included iPad Mini or your own smart device.

Added Features: Which Massage Chair Wins?

Most massage chairs today feature Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy music during your massage without an independent sound system. The chromotherapy adds a nice, relaxing touch. The lack of these two features on the Inada Dreamwave puts the chair at a disadvantage, especially since you can find these features commonly on even lower priced shiatsu massage chairs.

Cozzia Qi vs. Inada Dreamwave Comparison: Which Massage Chair Wins?

When it was introduced several years ago, the Inada Dreamwave was hailed as the best luxury massage chair available.

But the Cozzia Qi represents the next step in massage chair technology, with 4D rollers, more unique massage programs, chromotherapy, Bluetooth connectivity, and iPad control.

The Inada Dreamwave is still an excellent investment and a massage chair that many people enjoy. If you like the features of the Dreamwave but are looking for a less costly massage chair, consider the Inada Sogno. For about $3,000 less, the Sogno has the same features as the Dreamwave, including 100 airbags for compression massage and the head collar for a superior compression neck massage. The Inada Sogno only lacks the 3D roller heads that put the Inada Dreamwave in a class by itself.

But if you are looking for a massage chair with the latest technology, the Cozzia Qi comes out ahead vs. the Inada Dreamwave as the best massage chair money can buy today. Delivering a deep, customized shiatsu massage through truly revolutionary, 4D roller technology, the Cozzia Qi is unlike any other massage chair available right now.

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