Infinity Riage vs Infinity Iyashi Comparison
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Infinity Riage vs Infinity Iyashi Comparison

The Infinity Iyashi and the Infinity Riage are discontinued and no longer available. Please check out the newer Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair, Infinity Massage Chairs, or shop All Massage Chairs.

We have been getting a lot of calls lately to compare the Infinity Riage to the Infinity Iyashi lately, so we decided to put together a comparison for you.

The Infinity Riage is only carried at Brookstone, but we carry another popular Infinity Therapeutics model called the Infinity Iyashi. This Riage is almost identical to the Iyashi when you compare the features side by side. That is why we created this comparison. Below we will take a look at the similarities, as well as what makes these two models different.

Infinity Riage vs. Infinity Iyashi: Similarities

The Infinity Riage and Infinity Iyashi are very similar massage chairs. They both have quad style rollers, L-Track design with Glute Massage, body scan technology, zero gravity recline, heat, adjustment controls, Bluetooth technology w/ Music System, and a nice selection of auto and manual programs.

Infinity Riage vs. Infinity Iyashi: Differences

The Infinity Riage and Iyashi do have a lot of similarities in terms of features, programs, and the overall feel of the massage, but there are definitely some noticeable differences that we will take a look at below.

Look and Design

The biggest difference between the Infinity Riage and the Infinity Iyashi is the overall look and design. You can see this obviously just by looking at them. The Infinity Riage has more of a traditional look with a modern twist, where the Infinity Iyashi has a more futuristic design with a space capsule design. The Riage uses high grade synthetic leather, and the Iyashi uses a lightweight durable plastic material. Both of these are definitely head turners, and offer a unique design.

Remote Control Design

The next difference that you can tell just by looking them is the design of the remote. The Riage has more of a touch button remote with all the buttons for each program visible. The Iyashi has more of an I-Pod scrolling feel to it. Both of the remotes are easy to use, and there really is not a clear winner.

Recline Distance to Wall

This is probably one of the biggest differences next to the overall look. The Infinity Riage needs about 24in behind the chair to be able to go into a full recline. The Infinity Iyashi on the other hand features a Space Saving Design, and only need 4in behind the chair to go into a full recline. This is basically a wall hugger feature like you see on some adjustable beds. The average massage chairs needs anywhere from 14in – 18in to go into a full recline, so the Riage at 24in is higher than the average. The Infinity Iyashi is the clear winner here.

Color Options

There are plenty of different color options on both the Riage and Iyashi. The Infinity Riage comes in 3 colors: Black, Brown, and Caramel. The Infinity Iyashi comes in 5 different color choices: Black/Black, White/Black, Black/Caramel, White/Caramel, and White/Red.


The Infinity Riage and Iyashi are priced about the same, as they should since they are very similar models. Check out the pricing below:

Infinity Riage: $5,499 w/ Other Fees at

Infinity Iyashi: $5,294 ($5,895 - $600 Coupon) Free Shipping & No Sales Tax at

For More Information, Contact a Massage Chair Expert

If you have any questions about the differences between the Infinity Riage and Infinity Iyashi please give one of our Massage Chair Experts™ a call at 888.360.9996, or simply Ask an Expert.

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