Osaki OS-Pro Maxim vs. Ogawa Active Supertrac Comparison
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Osaki OS-Pro Maxim vs. Ogawa Active Supertrac Comparison

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The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim and Ogawa Active SuperTrac are two of our best-selling massage chairs. We get tons of inquiries asking us to compare these two models, so let us take a further look at how the specs and features compare between these two chairs.

Roller Technology: L-Track vs. Supertrac

The main differences between the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim and Ogawa Active SuperTrac are the type of roller that each chair utilizes. The Osaki Maxim uses an L-Track, and the Ogawa Active has a SuperTrac for the rollers to travel up/down the back.

What is the Difference?

The L-Track is a roller track shaped, well, like an L. The extended roller track that allows for 35% more roller coverage than the traditional massage chair. The rollers travel from the neck past the pelvis and into the seat to massage the glutes providing a deeper and more therapeutic massage to the glute and hip area.

*Traditional massage chairs will travel from the neck and then stop at the tailbone and have air compression to massage the glutes.

What is the SuperTrac?

he SuperTrac is a unique extended roller track developed by Ogawa. It blends the benefits of the traditional S-Track chairs and combines it with the advantages of the L-Track, so it is kind of like having two massage chairs in one.

To explain it further, in some programs the SuperTrac will massage from the neck to the tailbone, just like a traditional S-Track chair. And then in the SuperTrac programs, the Active will recline back to an 180-degree bed position and then massage from the neck to the glutes. So with the SuperTrac, you get the best of both worlds!

Ogawa Active is Smoother!

The Osaki Maxim and Ogawa Active have fantastic roller systems. However, the Active has more advanced programming. The programs on the Ogawa are less repetitive, more in-depth, and the roller mechanism is smoother and more humanistic feeling.

Automatic Programs

Both the Maxim and Active have a nice selection of pre-programmed massage programs to choose from. The Maxim has 12, and the Active 8. Both models have more programs than the average chair which has 4-6, and the additional programs put more focus on massaging the lower back, glutes, and hip area. We do not find there to be a significant advantage with the four more programs on the Maxim. Both chairs give you plenty of programs to choose from.


Both the Osaki and Ogawa have stretching programs. The Maxim stretches the lower back and leg area, but cannot do a full body stretch since the chair back on L-Track chairs do not recline independently from the seat.

On the other hand, the seat back on the Active can recline independently from the seat which allows the Active to stretch the upper body, as well as the legs and lower back.

Remote Control

The Maxim comes with a Touch Screen Pedestal remote, and the Active SuperTrac has an LCD Handheld remote. The Maxim touch screen remote is easy to use and select your programs. The Active has an LCD handheld remote that is not on a Pedestal, and can store seamlessly in the side pocket. Either remote works for us, It is whichever you prefer.

Chair Recline - Space Saving vs Bed Position

The chair recline angle is important to understand. The Maxim is an L-Track, and the seat back does not recline independently from the seat. You might not get the upper body stretch, but the L-Track allows the Maxim to only need 4in behind the chair for a full recline.

The Active needs 14-16in behind the chair for a full recline. The Ogawa might not have space saving, but it has an 180-degree bed position, which is perfect for massaging and stretching the lower back, as well as a more in-depth full body stretch.

Recommended User Size

The Maxim is more compact and has a recommended user height range of 5ft-2 to 6ft-3in and up to 230lbs. The Active Supertrac has a user height range of 5ft-2in to 6ft-4in and up to 300lbs. The Active is much better for larger users.

Some Similarities

So far we have discussed the major differences, now let us take a look at some of the similarities between these top selling models.

  • Body Scan Technology
  • Full Body Air Compression
  • Lumbar Heat
  • Strength & Intensity Adjustments
  • Foot Rollers
  • Spot/Partial Massage
  • Zero Gravity Recline
  • Glute Massage

Final Thoughts

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim and the Ogawa Active SuperTrac are both excellent massage chairs. The Maxim is perfect for anyone looking for a massage chair that is easy to use chair, and that can fit easier in small places. If space is not an issue, The Active at $2,999 is a deal that is hard to pass up.

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