Human Touch Novo VS. Human Touch Novo XT
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Human Touch Novo VS. Human Touch Novo XT Comparison

Human Touch Novo VS Novo XT2 | What is the Difference?


Human Touch latest releases, the Novo and Novo XT2, are quickly becoming two of the top massage chairs on the market. These models utilizes an L-Track Roller Design, which is an extended track that gives the user 35% more roller coverage than the traditional massage chair.

The L-Track technology allows the roller to extend past the tailbone and into the seat to perform a deeper more therapeutic massage to the glute and hip area. The high-quality build, L-Track Technology, and the backing of one the largest massage chair companies in the world make the Novo and Novo XT2 two of the best massage chairs available today.

While these two models look identical, there are some significant differences. Let us take a look at what sets the two massage chairs apart, and what they have in common.

Roller Technology 2D vs. 3D

Massage Roller

The most significant difference between these two models is the type of roller track. The Novo XT2 has 3D roller technology and the Novo has 2D Technology. What exactly does this mean? Well, 3D technology is more advanced and allows the roller to extend out into the body up to 3.5in for a deeper massage or retract for a lighter one; 2D technology does not adjust in/out.

One of the biggest benefits of 3D technology is that it gives you more control and adjustability over your massage. This technology is essential for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage, since you are able to adjust the roller deeper into the body. Unlike 2D chairs, the 3D rollers makes micro adjustments during the auto programs allowing for a more precise massage, This means that the roller will automatically ensuring that it hits all the curves in your back.

The 2D Roller on the Novo can adjust for speed increase the aggressiveness of the massage, but cannot extend or make micro adjustments.

In our opinion, the 3D on the Novo XT2 is better technology and will deliver a deeper more precise massage, as well as a deeper stretch. Its also worth noting that the Novo XT2 is one of our best-selling models and is one of the only high-quality 3D L-Tracks available on the market today.

Massage Programs Novo (32) VS. Novo XT2 (34 )

Automatic Programs

Another difference between these two models is the number of programs. The Novo has 32 programs, and the Novo XT2 has 34 programs. The additional programs on the Novo XT2 are special programs made specifically for the 3D roller system and provide a deeper more therapeutic massage to the neck, upper back, lower back, waist, and glutes.

All said the Novo and Nova XT2 have more than enough programs to keep you nice and relaxed through your week. To put this in a better perspective, the average massage chair on the market has 5-8 programs, so 30 plus is plenty.

Wall Clearance 2in vs. 9in

Wall Clearance

The Novo XT2 has a True Space Saving design. The wall clearance (distance from the back of the chair to the wall) for the Novo and Nov0 XT2 are very different. The Novo needs 9in while the Novo XT2 only needs 2in behind the chair for a full recline.

Why the significant difference? The Novo has a rocking feature that rocks the chair back and forth in some of the programs, so it needs more space behind the chair.

In our opinion, the rocking feature does not add much to the massage, but the space-saving feature is a big plus, especially if you are trying to fit the chair in a tight space.

USB Port

Another small difference between these two models is that the Novo XT2 has a USB port and the Novo does not. The USB port allows you to charge your smartphone, or any other device using the USB connection. This is not a significant feature.

Human Touch Novo VS Novo XT2 | What is the Similarities?

While the Novo and Novo XT2 have some notable differences, they do share a lot in common. Here are some of the main similarities.

  • Identical look
  • L-Track Unibody Roller System
  • Zero Gravity
  • Lumbar Heat
  • Cloud Touch Air Compression
  • Bluetooth w/ Speakers
  • Full Body Stretch
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Color Options

Color Options

Both models have five different color options to choose from which include black, brown, red, and cream. The Novo also can be purchased in blue and the Novo XT2 in gray. With so many color choices there should not be a problem finding a color that works for you.


The Novo and Novo XT2 do have different price points. The Novo you can find for around $6,999 at various stores. The Novo XT2 you can find for $7,999 and has a slightly higher price since it has more Advanced Technology.

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to decide between the Human Touch Novo and Novo XT2, its a pretty simple decision. The Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair is the winner here! The combination of the 3D and L-Track technology, as well as the 2in space saving design, put the Novo XT2 into a class of its own. We would only recommend the Novo if you are looking for a lighter massage.

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