Top 3 Reasons to Buy the Osaki OS-Pro 3D Sigma
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Top 3 Reasons to Buy the Osaki OS-Pro 3D Sigma

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Hey there! Our Massage Chair Experts went to try out the newly released chairs with our OTA partners and are happy to report back that we love the Osaki OS Pro-3D Sigma! We’re excited about it here at…here are our top 3 reasons to buy it:

1. Adjustable for Everyone!
The 3D L-Track ensures comfortable massage for everyone. This chair provides a 3D body scan and places the rollers accurately for a comfy massage for each user – then you adjust based on your preferences, the intensity you enjoy from 1-5 levels of pressure.

2. Feature Packed!
The Sigma has everything you can possibly need for a very relaxing therapeutic massage. The SL-Track with 3D rollers provides massage from neck and shoulders down the spine and under the seat for the glutes. The Foot rollers are excellent with Reflexology style kneading rollers under the entire foot. Heat, Zero Gravity Massage, Space Saving technology (only need 2 inches behind the chair to recline fully!), Built in Speaker with Bluetooth, easy to use Touch Screen Remote, Full Body Air Compression for invigorating massage with the benefit of increased circulation. This chair is also beautifully styled to look great in any room.

3. Tons of Pre-Programmed Massages!
The Sigma features 16 Massage Programs, and you can also customize your experience with the manual massage settings. Our favorite Pre-Programmed massages are the Stretch, Recovery, and Thai massage programs. Everyone in the family can find a program they’ll love!

Osaki OS-Pro 3D Sigma Features

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