Osaki OS-4000 vs OS-4000T Comparison
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Osaki OS-4000 vs OS-4000T Comparison


We get a lot of calls asking about the differences between the Osaki OS-4000 and OS-4000T, and for good reason. They are very similar. That is why we created this comparison. After reading this, you will have a clearer understanding of the differences between these two models.

What are the difference between the Osaki OS-4000 and the Osaki OS-4000T?

The Osaki OS-4000 was released over five years ago and has been one of our bestselling massage chairs. Last year, Osaki released the OS-4000T model, which is the upgraded version of the OS-4000. It has all the same great features plus a few upgrades. These include deep kneading foot rollers, better quality synthetic leather, and better quality air compression.

Kneading Foot Rollers

The biggest upgrade to the Osaki OS-4000T is the Deep Kneading Foot Rollers. These rotate providing a kneading massage to the bottoms of the feet. The Osaki OS-4000 on the other hand, uses acupressure nodes that push up on the bottoms of your feet that squeeze then release. The foot rollers are definitely a big plus and feel great on sore and tired feet.

Updated Synthetic Leather

The Osaki OS-4000T has upgraded synthetic leather. It is thicker and more durable then the material used on the OS-4000. The updated material on the OS-4000T definitely looks better when the chairs are side by side.

Updated Air Compression Massage

The OS-4000T has an updated air compression system. This is one of the biggest issues with the Osaki OS-4000 model. A lot of users complained about the air compression being too strong and this you may have read in reviews. It is not an issue with the OS-4000T. They adjusted the PSI, so it does not squeeze too tight on the calves.

Do you have broad shoulders?

If you are thinking about purchasing the Osaki OS-4000T, please keep in mind that the shoulder airbags may be tight on some users. If you are taller than 6ft-3in or have broad shoulders (wider then a men 46 jacket size) you may want to consider a massage chair with more shoulder room.

We would recommend looking at the Osaki OS-4000LS, Osaki OS-7200H, or Ogawa Active L Plus. These all have more shoulder room and would be a much better fit.

Some Alternatives to Consider

Not sure if the Osaki OS-4000T is the best choice. Here are some other recommendations in the same price range. You can check them out here – Best Massage Chairs Under $3,000 or shop All of our Massage Chairs.

Do you still have questions?

If you have any questions about the differences between the Osaki OS-4000 and OS-4000T please give one of our Massage Chair Experts™ a call at 888.360.9996, or simply Ask an Expert.

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